I was nervous about flying home by myself. The airlines called me at four in the morning saying my flight was delayed; which wouldn’t have been so bad if I wasn’t catching a ride with Sawyer, the new boy I liked. He had classes to go to and I didn’t want him to miss any to do me a favor. I knew he was probably asleep but I sent him a quick text explaining my situation. Surprisingly he responded back very quickly. After a bit of back and forth it turned out that he could still take me to the airport. I couldn’t sleep because I was so nervous about the trip. So we waited until we were allowed to leave the dorms in the mornings and we drove to get doughnuts. Sawyer took me to the lake and we found a bench to eat and watch the sun rise. It was a beautiful October day. We talked for a long time. I found out that he was red/green color blind but that his favorite color was red because of the irony. He told me more about his family. I told him about mine. Once the sun was up we moved from the bench closer to the water to toss pebbles into the lake. There were larger rocks near the edge and we balanced on them as we walked along the shore. Sawyer was watching me cautiously and reached out to try to steady me. He said he would catch me. I giggled and told him that I wasn’t going to fall in. Not thirty seconds after I said that, I stepped on a wobbly rock and went butt first into the lake. I sat there not knowing what to do but laugh. I was embarrassed and poor Sawyer didn’t know what to do. He didn’t laugh. He offered me his hand. After I got up I told him it was ok to laugh, and he did. I asked him why he didn’t catch me wen he said he was going. Apparently my saying I wasn’t going to fall meant I didn’t need any help. He was really nice about the whole thing but I felt bad about getting into his car and putting my wet butt on his seat. He took me back to my room so I could change and grab my suitcase. We made the drive to the airport and it was such a nice ride. We talked and listened to music. He dropped me off at the door and grabbed my luggage out of the trunk. I hugged him and thanked him for the ride. When I got home I got all of the normal first year college student questions. Sometimes they asked about the school, my grades, the food, but always a question about boys. My response was, “No I don’t have a boyfriend… yet.” Because it was after that day that I knew I was going to love that boy.

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