bus adventure

I went out again today with Brandon and it was really a lot of fun. We rode the bus around Lincoln and walked around the Hay Market. He is a real gentleman. I had such a good time. He’s really funny and I think I might really be able to like this guy. I’m still getting to know him and so far I think we will get along pretty well. He is quite an interesting person. Quirky enough to be cute but not so quirky that he’s a weirdo. I think I will be seeing him again on my birthday this Saturday. I guess we will see what happens with this one.

halloween weekend

I went home for a surprise Halloween visit and I had such a great time! I really miss my family and being with my friends, which basically means Riana and Reuben. I’m not staying here next year. I want to move back home. I’m upset that I moved here. I saw that Sawyer has started seeing another girl which isn’t so bad except that he picked basically the biggest “fuck you” he ever could have picked. I’m extremely upset about that but I guess its good because what he did is so messed up I don’t ever want him back.
It’s almost my birthday. Like the rest of this year it’s probably going to be the shittiest one yet. It’s really weird to think about being twenty. I don’t feel that old. Christine said that if I moved back home we could get a house together. I think I would really like that. She’s such a good sister. We would have a fun time I think. I shouldn’t have gone home because now I’m so unhappy here. But I have a second date on Saturday which is nice I guess. Hopefully that isn’t so bad.
But for now I’m going to stop listening to sad music and try to go to sleep because I have to be up early for work. Fun as always,