in the heart of the sea

Friday night I went over to see Brandon after I got off of work. We had a really nice time snuggling and watching movies. We got to talking and decided that we didn’t want to see other people so I got me a boyfriend now. We went to a Christmas party for his dad’s work at The Grand movie theater downtown. His dad seems like a really nice man, though I only met him briefly. We watched In the Heart of the Sea. There were only two other people in the theater with us which is a huge difference from when we saw the new Hunger Games movie, which was packed with college students on opening night. I really really like this guy. He is incredible. He is the most caring, selfless person. I’ve never had anyone treat me with such respect or care about me so much. I know it’s supposed to be bad to compare relationships, but I’m going to anyway. Sawyer didn’t treat me poorly but he never really sacrificed to put my needs and desires above his own. Brandon spent five hours of his day just to wait to surprise me for for my thirty minute lunch break. That boy would bend over backwards just to make me smile. He is so honest and compassionate and caring. I wasn’t too sure what my feelings were for him for a long time but now I know. I’m really lucky to have him.