coffee guy update

It’s been a very long time since I’ve done any updating. A bunch has happens since my last post. 

Things have gone much further with Brandon than I had originally expected. We’ve been seeing each other for almost 5 months now and it’s been such an exciting adventure. He is absolutely the sweetest guy and I’ve never been so loved by anyone before. He’s also very cute and tall. Both of which are things I appreciate. It’s very strange that we are together I think. He’s much quieter and more introverted than I am by a great deal. We are very different people but somehow it’s been working for us. Sometimes we bicker about stupid little things but it always ends up making me laugh thinking about it the next day. 

He let me read some journal entries of his own today which was very touching. That’s what reminded me that I haven’t written in forever. They went back further than the ones I have here. The first thing he wrote about was his last girlfriend and how sad and upset he was. That made me feel… I’m not really sure. It wasn’t sad or angry or jealous, but it was an unpleasant feeling. 

I kept reading the whole time waiting for myself to appear, that sounds self centered I know, because I wanted to see how I impacted this boy’s life. He wrote with such feeling, I had to know how my life affected his. When I got there, I was much more than pleased. He thought very highly of me. 

In his next entry, which is the most recent one but definitely not up to date, he talked all about me. The whole thing was about how much he loved me. It made me tear up a bit. He wrote that the day he took me to the airport for the first time. He got up early in the morning so that he could go to the airport with me and he waited there all day for Alex to get off of work and pick him up. He boringed up his day a whole lot just to spend a few extra minutes with me.

That was back in December. Again I find myself in Texas visiting my family. I’m going to Lincoln tomorrow and I’ll be back in Brandon’s arms about 5 o’clock. I can’t wait! I’ve missed him.

I love you Brandon.

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