My Bucket List

  1. Get a passport
  2. Visit every continent
  3. Scuba dive in the Great Barrier Reef
  4. Sleep on the beach
  5. Ride a horse on the beach
  6. Take a romantic walk on the beach at sunset/sunrise
  7. Play volleyball on the beach
  8. Build an epic sandcastle
  9. Learn to surf (or at least attempt)
  10. Watch fireworks while swimming in the ocean
  11. Go to a beach party
  12. Got to a rooftop party
  13. Hug a koala
  14. Have a great summer tan
  15. Sleep under a starry sky
  16. Float in the Dead Sea
  17. Swim under a waterfall
  18. Swim with sea turtles
  19. Road trip along the East Coast
  20. Go on a road trip with friends
  21. Visit every state
  22. Go to Hollywood
  23. Go to Mexico
  24. Go to Ireland
  25. Go to Las Vegas
  26. Go to Jamaica
  27. See the pyramids
  28. Take a carriage ride through Central Park
  29. Live in New York City
  30. Fall in love
  31. Get married
  32. Buy a house
  33. Buy a car
  34. Have a phone with a data plan
  35. Adopt a husky
  36. Own a gun
  37. Plant a garden
  38. Drive a Ford Mustang
  39. Front row at a Bowling for Soup Concert
  40. Milk a cow
  41. Help in a roundup
  42. Ride a dogsled
  43. Have a day where the sun doesn’t go down
  44. Graduate High School
  45. Graduate College
  46. Go on a mini golf date
  47. Watch every Johnny Depp movie
  48. Own every Johnny Depp movie
  49. Make the perfect black bottom cupcake
  50. Ride on the back of a motorcycle
  51. Make someone so happy they cry
  52. Go to a football game
  53. Go on a mission trip
  54. Go on a cruise
  55. Run in a zombie race
  56. Go to a casino
  57. Get my ears pierced
  58. Have a mud fight
  59. Be someone’s maid of honor
  60. Have a midnight feast
  61. Host an amazing Halloween party
  62. Take a candlelight bubble bath
  63. Have a stargazing date
  64. Be kissed unexpectedly
  65. Tan on the roof
  66. Go rafting
  67. Get my drivers license
  68. Send up a paper lantern
  69. Slow dance with someone I love
  70. Have a Valentine on Valentines Day
  71. Be kissed on New Years Eve
  72. Spend all day watching Disney movies
  73. Be made breakfast in bed
  74. Donate my hair
  75. Get a massage
  76. Dance in the rain
  77. Give the perfect gift
  78. Go on a red checkered blanket picnic
  79. Be given flowers
  80. Play real fruit ninja
  81. Turn 18
  82. Turn 21
  83. Pop open a champagne bottle
  84. See the northern lights

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