I guess getting started is the hardest part. Here it goes.

I met Sawyer last year at the start of college football season (go Huskers). I saw him, a friend of a friend, looking for a place to sit at church. I didn’t really know him very well. All I knew was one day we walked out of class and he asked me how I thought I did on the quiz we had taken. I thought that was a nice gesture so I extended an invitation to sit with me and a few others thinking he would wave it off and say he was fine. But he accepted and sat next to me, whispered things about football, and asked me over to watch a game at his house later that day. I’m really not much of a football fan but I accepted. He asked for my number and I gave it to him. At least I thought I had until we had parted ways and I was walking back to my dorm room. I then realized I had given him the first three digits of my current number, the middle three of my previous number, and my current four to end. I was so embarrassed. Thankfully my roommate went to academy with him and so I got his number from her,¬†explained, and apologized. Now one thing people know me for, is for being crazy about Mustangs. I always have been. When he¬†picked me up later that day I knew that he was my kind of guy. He had the sexiest red Mustang with a deep, throaty rumble. Thank you Henry Ford. We went to his beautiful, magazine worthy home and went downstairs to watch some football. His entire family was there. His two brothers, his mom, his dad, his uncle, a cousin and his wife, and a grandmother. It was very overwhelming. Thankfully our friend Matthew, who is the only reason I knew of Sawyer’s existence, was there and he smiled and said hi. I didn’t say much until the game was over and everyone left. Sawyer took me out and let me drive his amazing car. I mentioned that I needed a ride to the airport to go back home for my grandma’s funeral, because I really did need a ride, but mostly because I wanted to see him again and I knew I could get a good hour of time with him on the way from Lincoln to Omaha. He offered right away saying he got up at 4 in the morning all the time. I went up to my room and excitedly told my friends all about my night.

And that’s how day one ended.